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OJA PLATFORM : Gas Fee Almost 0

Unfortunately, the ontogenesis of cryptocurrencies in today's associations is mostly conceived for those with in-depth soul affair and inside job knowledge. Buying and dirty crypto has never been so comfortable. But with this papers it can't be denied. OJA module users present be rewarded with OJA Hit every live they someone in dealing with OJA trading structures.


OJA offers various interesting features for its users, there are 4 excellent features that OJA provides :

1. OJA Trading

2. Payment OJA

3. OJA Wallet

4. OJA Reward


Let's discuss one by one the 4 points above,

OJA Trading

Doing cryptocurrency transactions for ordinary people can be said to be very difficult, but OJA promises to provide solutions to these problems with just a few clicks, we can already buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


Payment OJA

We can easily receive or send currency to anyone and can immediately convert to another currency, even we can directly convert to local currency (in this case we can directly convert to Rupiah).


OJA Wallet

In addition, OJA also provides a digital wallet that we can use as an alternative to storing currency if we don't need it with international standard security guarantees.


OJA Reward

OJA has a unique and attractive reward feature, different from other platforms. Since the reward giving is divided into sections, this feature is definitely very interesting.


In addition to the 4 features above, there is 1 more advantage that OJA provides, all transaction fees are almost close to 0 besides that there is a mining system. OJA claims in 1 minute miners can get 1 block and 1 block equals 500 OJA. And keep in mind that only 720,000,000 OJA coins were produced.


There are various ways to get oja coins, free or paid, see the explanation below !

 OJA Trading Platform

We can buy OJA on the trading platform provided by OJA, by first depositing local currency through a bank or iDeal (Netherlands), Qris, Gopay, OVO and we as Indonesians don't need to be confused because we can make transfers via Alfamart or Indomaret to be able to get OJA coins.


Brand Rewards

We can get OJA coins by buying goods sold by OJA partners and they will give OJA coins as a rewards.


 Community Rewards

We can get OJA coins by participating in information sharing programs about OJA on social media (facebook, twitter, and others).


Transaction Reward

We can get OJA coins by making transactions or buying and selling of any currency on the OJA trading platform.


Device mining

With the development of existing technology, we no longer need to bother buying mining machines to get OJA coins. Because with the smartphone we have, we can produce OJA coins with a mining system.


Join the Pre-Sales Program

We can get OJA coins by participating in the Pre-sale program and of course the price is very cheap, starting from $0.025/OJA. This program is only available during Pre-Sale and ICO. After the program ends, the price of OJA will increase to $0.1/OJA.


And to be able to buy OJA coins, we can directly visit the official OJA website at or it can be via (beta).

For more details about the price of OJA coins during the program, please see the description below!


Pre Sale Stage 1

Rate : $ 0.025

Start & End Date : Oct 1st - Oct 31st 2021

Supply : 15.000.000 OJA

Soft Cap : $187,500

Hard Cap : $375,000


Pre Sale Stage 2

Rate : $ 0.05

Start & End Date : Nov 1st - Dec 31st 2021

Supply : 15.000.000 OJA

Soft Cap : $375.000

Hard Cap : $750.000



Rate : $ 0.10

Start & End Date : Jan 1st - Feb 28th 2022

Supply : 20.000.000 OJA

Soft Cap : $1,000,000

Hard Cap : $2,000,000


By following the program in the table above, we can get relatively cheap OJA prices. So don't wait too long, let's support the OJA platform until it is successful and we will succeed together.

If you feel that you are not satisfied with the information I have provided above, please click on the supporting link below!








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  1. if they true give us gas fee almost 0, this is very interesting

    1. That's right, all this time I've been playing erc20 with a gas fee, it's driving me crazy.

  2. apa yang ditawarkan OJA sangat menarik, tapi masalahnya adalah jika koin OJA harganya naik... apakah gas fee juga ikutan naik seperti platform2 lainnya ?

    1. saya berfikir juga begitu gan, jika pada akhirnya gas fee naik seperti platform sebelah berarti sama aja dong.... ga ada bedanya, tp semoga meskipun OJA naik harga, gas fee tetap stabil.

  3. i'm in juragan, kita kawal rame2...


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