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OJA PLATFORM : Gas Fee Almost 0

Unfortunately, the ontogenesis of cryptocurrencies in today's associations is mostly conceived for those with in-depth soul affair and inside job knowledge. Buying and dirty crypto has never been so comfortable. But with this papers it can't be denied. OJA module users present be rewarded with OJA Hit every live they someone in dealing with OJA trading structures.


OJA offers various interesting features for its users, there are 4 excellent features that OJA provides :

1. OJA Trading

2. Payment OJA

3. OJA Wallet

4. OJA Reward


Let's discuss one by one the 4 points above,

OJA Trading

Doing cryptocurrency transactions for ordinary people can be said to be very difficult, but OJA promises to provide solutions to these problems with just a few clicks, we can already buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


Payment OJA

We can easily receive or send currency to anyone and can immediately convert to another currency, even we can directly convert to local currency (in this case we can directly convert to Rupiah).


OJA Wallet

In addition, OJA also provides a digital wallet that we can use as an alternative to storing currency if we don't need it with international standard security guarantees.


OJA Reward

OJA has a unique and attractive reward feature, different from other platforms. Since the reward giving is divided into sections, this feature is definitely very interesting.


In addition to the 4 features above, there is 1 more advantage that OJA provides, all transaction fees are almost close to 0 besides that there is a mining system. OJA claims in 1 minute miners can get 1 block and 1 block equals 500 OJA. And keep in mind that only 720,000,000 OJA coins were produced.


There are various ways to get oja coins, free or paid, see the explanation below !

 OJA Trading Platform

We can buy OJA on the trading platform provided by OJA, by first depositing local currency through a bank or iDeal (Netherlands), Qris, Gopay, OVO and we as Indonesians don't need to be confused because we can make transfers via Alfamart or Indomaret to be able to get OJA coins.


Brand Rewards

We can get OJA coins by buying goods sold by OJA partners and they will give OJA coins as a rewards.


 Community Rewards

We can get OJA coins by participating in information sharing programs about OJA on social media (facebook, twitter, and others).


Transaction Reward

We can get OJA coins by making transactions or buying and selling of any currency on the OJA trading platform.


Device mining

With the development of existing technology, we no longer need to bother buying mining machines to get OJA coins. Because with the smartphone we have, we can produce OJA coins with a mining system.


Join the Pre-Sales Program

We can get OJA coins by participating in the Pre-sale program and of course the price is very cheap, starting from $0.025/OJA. This program is only available during Pre-Sale and ICO. After the program ends, the price of OJA will increase to $0.1/OJA.


And to be able to buy OJA coins, we can directly visit the official OJA website at or it can be via (beta).

For more details about the price of OJA coins during the program, please see the description below!


Pre Sale Stage 1

Rate : $ 0.025

Start & End Date : Oct 1st - Oct 31st 2021

Supply : 15.000.000 OJA

Soft Cap : $187,500

Hard Cap : $375,000


Pre Sale Stage 2

Rate : $ 0.05

Start & End Date : Nov 1st - Dec 31st 2021

Supply : 15.000.000 OJA

Soft Cap : $375.000

Hard Cap : $750.000



Rate : $ 0.10

Start & End Date : Jan 1st - Feb 28th 2022

Supply : 20.000.000 OJA

Soft Cap : $1,000,000

Hard Cap : $2,000,000


By following the program in the table above, we can get relatively cheap OJA prices. So don't wait too long, let's support the OJA platform until it is successful and we will succeed together.

If you feel that you are not satisfied with the information I have provided above, please click on the supporting link below!








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Boom Crypto Is Future Market

With the current boom in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, it is noticeable that institutional investors have started flooding into the crypto market and the space is supposed to see some real exponential growth; but there is a problem. Boom Crypto Market is a fast rising Defi project, with a professional marketplace and cryptocurrency asset listing and IDO platform powered by a native token BCM. The project is aimed at bringing absolute transparency, trust and decentralization to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a professional platform that bears trust through a smart contract that allows both services providers and buyers to execute contracts without trust issues.

Boom Crypto Market is aimed at reducing the hassles of roaming on several platforms before retrieving specific information; the platform will concentrate on centralizing information on a decentralized platform which will in turn save both time and money. Boom Crypto Market will provide the following Defi services;

A Decentralized Staking Platform.

  • Boom Crypto Market will provide staking functionalities, which will enable users who stake BCM token on the platform to earn several cryptocurrency assets including MOR, and other cryptocurrencies will be included over time.
  • Earnings on other cryptocurrencies will be proportional to BCM token holdings calculated on the platform based on internal formula which will be disclosed to the community once the launched quarter approaches, as a subsidiary of MorCrypto Exchange, BCM token will be immediately listed on MorCrypto Exchange after the presale and Uniswap listing.

A Decentralized Marketplace.

  • Boom Crypto Market platform will provide a decentralized service providing platform for buyers and sellers of goods to interact without any interference from a third party.
  • For example, a project wants to list an asset on a P2P trading exchange but can hardly reach out to the right authorities in charge of offering this service, or a project is in need of promotional services and reaches out to a company to deliver the services and they eventually fall into the hands of fraudsters, make payments to these fraudsters and lose their funds in the process.
  • The Boom Crypto Market platform will ensure that no service is being paid for without proof from both parties involved provided on the platform to show completion of contract.
  • One of the benefits of this marketplace will be helping start-ups to quickly locate and interact with industry leaders and experts while service buyers get the best professionals working for them, placing the responsibility of identity verification on the Boom Crypto Market platform and a smooth contract settlement on our smart contract.

Cryptocurrency Asset Listing Platform.

  • The Boom Crypto Market platform will have features like trade history, order book, and daily and total generated volume, current trading volume, active trading platforms, and so much more for each listed token or P2P trading exchange.
  • With these features available on the Boom Crypto Market platform, there will be no need to roam around trying to search out information about any asset.
  • This will be a platform where all available information about any asset or project will be made available on one platform; it will also be an avenue for projects to create trust between them and their community and also attract investors based on trust.

Cryptocurrency assets and exchange listing.

As the name implies, the Boom Crypto Market platform will list available, credible, and active cryptocurrency projects, exchanges, professionals, and companies on the platform for proper tracking.


  • As a platform that provides a marketplace to help service providers supply services to customers on trust while also helping service buyers to get the service providers, BCM token which is the base token powering the Boom Crypto Market platform will be used for fee payments for all transactions carried out on the platform.
  • Transaction fee will be paid in BCM, BNB, BUSD or MOR depending on what the user chooses.
  • BCM token can also be used for payment for services offered on the marketplace; for example professional adverts, project adverts, promotions and any other value added services offered on the platform.
  • Other cryptocurrencies like BUSD, BNB, MOR and are currently being integrated including fiats will be available for deposit and swap against BCM on the platform to be used for transactions and processing fees.
  • We believe there are a lot of corporate bodies that lose funds annually to both frauds and unprofessional service providers, Boom Crypto Market platform will drastically eliminate these loses while ensuring customers are satisfied with service provided to them.
  • Our platform will have a mechanism known as the “Jury” similar to that of a court, in the case of a dispute the smart contract will move the fund release authority to the “Jury” who are categorized by the amount of liquidity provided on the platform.

We know more and more institutions and sectors are embracing the blockchain and cryptocurrencies globally, but the platform will have available global payment options to enable every sector take advantage of the exceptional services provided on the Boom Crypto Market platform. The team plans to have BCM token on top tier exchanges as soon as the presales are over.



More information about us, you can check links below

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Cara Setting Totolink N300RT Sebagai Access Point

Apa kabar bro ...? Semoga semua dalam keadaan sehat tanpa kurang suatu apa. Dan langsung saja, pada kesempatan ini saya akan berbagi ilmu tentang jaringan internet lagi yaitu cara setting totolink n300rt sebagai AP atau pemancar. Untuk setingan kali ini saya sudah pernah coba pada totolink seri n200rt & n300rt, untuk seri diatasnya saya belum mencobanya..tapi ada kemungkinan sama. Simak baik-baik penjelasannya dibawah !


1. Nyalakan laptop atau komputer dan hubungkan dengan Totolink menggunakan kabel UTP pada bagian PORT LAN

2. Masuk ke pengaturan IP

3. Kemudian buka browser kalian & ketik IP default totolink lalu Enter

4. Masukkan password baru lalu APPLY (tunggu selesai booting)

5. Lalu kita disuruh login menggunakan password baru seperti gambar dibawah ini

6. Ganti Gateway menjadi AP Mode lalu ganti SSID (suka-suka kalian) & isikan Password Wifi kemudian APPLY (tunggu selesai booting)

7. Setelah selesai tampilannya kurang lebih seperti gambar di bawah, kemudian Klik ADVANCED SETUP di kanan atas.

8. Setelah masuk ke menu advanced, silahkan pilih bagian NETWORK lalu LAN SETTING

9. Lalu ganti IP yang satu jalur dengan jaringan kalian & DHCP bisa ENABLE/DISABLE (tergantung setingan perangkat sebelum TOTOLINK ini)

10.  Lalu pilih menu WIRELESS dan masuk pada bagian Basic Setting

11. Pada bagian ini kalian bisa ganti SSID & PASSWORD jika diperlukan

12. Kemudian pindah pada bagian ADVANCED SETTINGS yang ada pada menu WIRELESS

13. Sesuaikan BAND, CHANNEL WIDTH, REGION, CHANNEL NUMBER & RF OUTPUT POWER (kekuatan sinyal pancar)

14. Setelah selesai semua, totolink siap digunakan sebagai pemancar atau access point.

Bagaimana bro, gampang kan ? Sengaja saya buat jadi banyak poin biar kalian paham dengan detail. Tapi jika keterangan diatas masih belum jelas, silahkan tulis pertanyaan kalian pada kolom komentar yang sudah disediakan di bawah. Akhirnya sampai disini dulu artikel cara setting totolink n300rt sebagai access point ini, selamat mencoba dan semoga berhasil.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Friday, January 24, 2020

OKSCHAIN : All Finance In Your Smartphone

OKSCHAIN : All Finance In Your SmartphoneUnfamiliar interfaces venture difficulties, and each spreading requires a disunite couple. The OKSCHAIN ecosystem provides its users with a spreading constitute of functions for managing digital assets, making payments and providing hit to investments in stylish technologies and start-ups. Decent a mortal of OKSCHAIN, you get a expedient financial mating that unites the earth of cryptocurrencies and the experience of traditional management. Moreover, our users can embellish investors of investment and subject startups, OKSCHAIN partners. Keep digital assets in a bonded pocketbook, commercialism them as handy to you and acquire with OKSCHAIN!

Financial Services Market

The launching of new technologies has prettify a joint preparation in business services: commerce solutions, peregrine payments, biometric memory, factitious intelligence, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and others. Traditional companies actively state with these technologies and introducing them into their activity processes, new start-ups and performing areas materialize due to fintech. The draw above shows that promotion in the financial aspect has been ontogenesis apace over the olden 10 years. 

Loan Market, P2P Lending

At the same time, the utilisation of p2p-crediting allows lenders to lend flat to proven borrowers and earn author on this than on container deposits. Effort a give from a organisation operating in this market is easier than conventional financial institutions, so p2p-crediting is salutary for borrowers. The p2p-crediting marketplace has existed since 2005 and is dynamically nonindustrial. 

Cryptocurrency Market

Center Phytologist of Canada and Singapore upset their tending to the cryptocurrencies and global IT giants: Facebook and Wire. The cryptocurrency industry, which is intimately linked to the blockchain industry, has already matured its own stock in the soul and image of a wares market: its own botanist, brokers, regulators, specialised investors, cryptocurrencies, special inclose finances. In 2018, the cryptocurrency activity underwent a knockout reprehension due to a shrewd influx of wondering funds. In 2019, we await the feigning of new legal cryptocurrency instruments, including options for fact commercialism funds. salience. This gift make a positive impact on the development of the cryptocurrency activity and growth the humankind of traditional management.

Venture Capital Market

Based on these information, the loudness of finance in start-ups in 2018 raised by 23.3% compared to 2017. Investments in robotics start-ups are thriving speedily: virtually 1400% from 2013 to 2017. Investments in opposite technologies are also growing: blockchain, financials, cyber section and aid. Over the comparable point, assets in AI enhanced by 463%. The Coupled States, Crockery, India and the Federate Sphere were the primary countries in the senior in damage of investment in start-ups in 2018. In past years, investment in start-ups has exaggerated severalfold in few countries. 

OKSCHAIN Ecosystem

The ecosystem partners use it to store digital assets, pay for goods and services, have payments, use the service to commercialism digital assets and P2P loans, and adorn in start-ups. 


The utility of OKSCHAIN is to make a set of opportune and inexpensive financial services for our clients. Position of all, we are convergent on providing business services to accumulation audiences. 

OKSCHAIN Payment System

The OKSCHAIN ecosystem combines conventional financial services with cryptoservices. It is supported on the OKS and stablecoins mercantilism method, which uses the OKS and stablecoins to determine accounts with each another and acquire artefact and services from ecosystem partners.

OKS Token

OKS is the organisation of accounting of the OKSCHAIN ecosystem based on the Stellar Subfigure. Members of the ecosystem faculty be fit to use OKS to place accounts with apiece otherwise, the OKS token is not a cravat or guarantee and does not free control of shares in the OKSCHAIN services

OKS Token Functions

Users give be able to pay for all services of OKSCHAIN ecosystem and change discounts on them with the exploit of OKS token. Members of the ecosystem can be rewarded in OKS tokens to their pocketbook for consumer actions aimed at the utilisation of the ecosystem. In organization to play using the decentralized interchange and P2P-crediting couple, it is needed to purchase 1000 OKS and occlusion them on a pain sicken. To number a debit greeting you demand to block 3000 OKS.

OKSCHAIN : All Finance In Your Smartphone

If you interest and need more informations, maybe you can go to link below...

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Template Kalender 2020 Lengkap Penanggalan Jawa

kalender 2020 model 01
Salam sejahtera sobat laresawoo..... lama tidak corat-coret dimari, kali ini saya akan membahas sedikit tentang tahun 2020 yang akan kita jumpai kurang dari 3 bulan lagi. Bagi temen-temen yang punya atau bekerja pada sebuah instansi maupun bisnis pribadi, pergantian tahun bisa menjadi sebuah promosi terkait dengan barang baru yang ada didalam instansi atau apapun itu yang sekiranya pada tahun ini kurang begitu booming. Dan dengan modal tidak terlalu besar, temen-temen bisa mempromosikan apa yang menjadi target di tahun 2020.

Untuk pencapaian media promosi pasti jauh lebih maksimal jika kita memasang atau menyewa billboard atau baliho. Tapi paling tidak temen-temen bisa menghemat biaya meskipun hasilnya tidak seperti baliho atau billboard. Karena media promosi yang saya maksut murah disini adalah KALENDER tahun 2020. Saya rasa hampir setiap orang butuh sebuah kalender dirumahnya, apalagi disain kalender tersebut dibuat sedemikian rupa agar menarik untuk dilihat. Dan bisa dipastikan, setiap saat orang akan selalu melihat kalender. Apalagi yang mempunyai jadwal padat.

Nah, untuk itu.... mumpung masih kurang lebih 3 bulan menuju tahun 2020. Saya akan berbagi 2 buah disain template kalender tahun 2020 dengan format Adobe Illustrator (Ai) dan Corel Draw (cdr) secara gratis yang bisa temen-temen download di akhir artikel ini. Sedangkan untuk previewnya bisa temen-temen lihat dibawah ini !

Template Kalender 2020 Lengkap Penanggalan Jawa
kalender 2020 model 01

Template Kalender 2020 Lengkap Penanggalan Jawa
kalender 2020 model 01

Template Kalender 2020 Lengkap Penanggalan Jawa
kalender 2020 model 02

Gambar diatas merupakan contoh dari kalender tahun 2020 lengkap dengan hari pasaran dan juga penanggalan jawa. Jika temen-temen berminat silahkan langsung menuju TKP dibawah ini ...

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Cara Cepat Dapat Uang Game ETS2

Cara Cepat Dapat Uang Game ETS2Jumpa lagi dengan laresawoo. Sudah lama gak corat-coret disini. Kali ini saya mo bagi-bagi tips atau trik untuk mendapatkan uang dengan cepat pada game ETS2. Tapi sebelum masuk ke pokok bahasan, saya mo mengingatkan bahwa cara ini hanya berlaku bagi teman-teman yang senang bermain jujur pada sebuah game. Jadi, jika teman-teman sudah terbiasa bermain curang...maka trik atau tips ini sudah tidak berlaku lagi. Karena cara ini tidak bisa dilakukan dengan instan, butuh beberapa waktu untuk bisa mewujudkannya. Tapi waktu tersebut tidak selama dan sepanjang kalau kita tidak memakai cara ini.

Sebagai perkenalan saja, game ETS2 atau Euro Truck Simulator 2 merupakan game simulasi yang sistem aslinya atau cara bermainnya menggunakan sebuah truk. Tapi dengan berkembangnya kemampuan para penggunanya, disana banyak sekali MOD atau mungkin dalam dunia software desain bisa disebut dengan PLUGIN untuk melakukan sesuatu secara instan. Jadi kita disini bertindak sebagai sopir (baik itu sopir sewaan maupun sopir truk sendiri). Kita bisa membawa barang-barang dari kota A menuju kota B atau dari pulau A ke pulau B menggunakan angkutan berupa truk.

Untuk bisa mengmbangkan sebuah perusahaan truk yang besar, yang pasti kita butuh uang. Dan dalam game ets2 ada dua macam cara mendapatkan uang tersebut, yaitu :
  1. Manual
  2. Instan (MOD MODE)
Namun pada artikel ini saya hanya membahas tentang mendapatkan uang secara manual. Nah, apa saja yang dibutuhkan untuk bisa mewujudkannya, silahkan simak dibawah ini !
  1. Harus punya GARASI lebih dari satu
  2. Jarak garasi satu dengan yang lainnya kalau bisa berjauhan
  3. Harus ada minimal 1 truk yang beroperasi pada setiap garasi
Setelah kita sudah melakukan 3 poin diatas, saatnya kita melakukan trik menambang uang^^
Caranya sangat mudah dan gampang yaitu dengan "QUICK TRAVEL" antar garasi. Dengan melakukan quick travel maka secara otomatis uang kita akan bertambah. Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal, UPGRADE semua garasi sampai maksimal dan isi truk sampai full beserta sopirnya. Tapi ingat, beri jeda waktu 1 hari dalam game untuk melakukan quick travel.

Dengan cara diatas, kita tidak perlu lagi menggunakan cara curang atau MOD MODE untuk menghasilkan uang yang banyak. Jika masih bingung dengan penjelasan saya diatas, silahkan tonton langsung vidionya di link dibawah ini !