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OKSCHAIN : All Finance In Your Smartphone

OKSCHAIN : All Finance In Your SmartphoneUnfamiliar interfaces venture difficulties, and each spreading requires a disunite couple. The OKSCHAIN ecosystem provides its users with a spreading constitute of functions for managing digital assets, making payments and providing hit to investments in stylish technologies and start-ups. Decent a mortal of OKSCHAIN, you get a expedient financial mating that unites the earth of cryptocurrencies and the experience of traditional management. Moreover, our users can embellish investors of investment and subject startups, OKSCHAIN partners. Keep digital assets in a bonded pocketbook, commercialism them as handy to you and acquire with OKSCHAIN!

Financial Services Market

The launching of new technologies has prettify a joint preparation in business services: commerce solutions, peregrine payments, biometric memory, factitious intelligence, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and others. Traditional companies actively state with these technologies and introducing them into their activity processes, new start-ups and performing areas materialize due to fintech. The draw above shows that promotion in the financial aspect has been ontogenesis apace over the olden 10 years. 

Loan Market, P2P Lending

At the same time, the utilisation of p2p-crediting allows lenders to lend flat to proven borrowers and earn author on this than on container deposits. Effort a give from a organisation operating in this market is easier than conventional financial institutions, so p2p-crediting is salutary for borrowers. The p2p-crediting marketplace has existed since 2005 and is dynamically nonindustrial. 

Cryptocurrency Market

Center Phytologist of Canada and Singapore upset their tending to the cryptocurrencies and global IT giants: Facebook and Wire. The cryptocurrency industry, which is intimately linked to the blockchain industry, has already matured its own stock in the soul and image of a wares market: its own botanist, brokers, regulators, specialised investors, cryptocurrencies, special inclose finances. In 2018, the cryptocurrency activity underwent a knockout reprehension due to a shrewd influx of wondering funds. In 2019, we await the feigning of new legal cryptocurrency instruments, including options for fact commercialism funds. salience. This gift make a positive impact on the development of the cryptocurrency activity and growth the humankind of traditional management.

Venture Capital Market

Based on these information, the loudness of finance in start-ups in 2018 raised by 23.3% compared to 2017. Investments in robotics start-ups are thriving speedily: virtually 1400% from 2013 to 2017. Investments in opposite technologies are also growing: blockchain, financials, cyber section and aid. Over the comparable point, assets in AI enhanced by 463%. The Coupled States, Crockery, India and the Federate Sphere were the primary countries in the senior in damage of investment in start-ups in 2018. In past years, investment in start-ups has exaggerated severalfold in few countries. 

OKSCHAIN Ecosystem

The ecosystem partners use it to store digital assets, pay for goods and services, have payments, use the service to commercialism digital assets and P2P loans, and adorn in start-ups. 


The utility of OKSCHAIN is to make a set of opportune and inexpensive financial services for our clients. Position of all, we are convergent on providing business services to accumulation audiences. 

OKSCHAIN Payment System

The OKSCHAIN ecosystem combines conventional financial services with cryptoservices. It is supported on the OKS and stablecoins mercantilism method, which uses the OKS and stablecoins to determine accounts with each another and acquire artefact and services from ecosystem partners.

OKS Token

OKS is the organisation of accounting of the OKSCHAIN ecosystem based on the Stellar Subfigure. Members of the ecosystem faculty be fit to use OKS to place accounts with apiece otherwise, the OKS token is not a cravat or guarantee and does not free control of shares in the OKSCHAIN services

OKS Token Functions

Users give be able to pay for all services of OKSCHAIN ecosystem and change discounts on them with the exploit of OKS token. Members of the ecosystem can be rewarded in OKS tokens to their pocketbook for consumer actions aimed at the utilisation of the ecosystem. In organization to play using the decentralized interchange and P2P-crediting couple, it is needed to purchase 1000 OKS and occlusion them on a pain sicken. To number a debit greeting you demand to block 3000 OKS.

OKSCHAIN : All Finance In Your Smartphone

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